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Today, our online fund management platform is officially launched, and we begin our productive work to your benefit!

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www.folio-investment.com INVESTMENT PLANS

We have developed both of our financial plans with number 7 at their core, seven is an important figure, it symbolizes the exclusivity and perfection that we strive for. The principle, underlying our plans, is to provide maximum performance with minimal risk for you and us, and we consider it a golden spot of efficiency and mutual prosperity. Since the advent of www.folio-investment.com, today, we have seen many short-term offers, and we will take additional steps to ensure that our platform remains profitable in the long term.

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After for 17 Hours

This plan was developed in such a way as to return a stable daily interest rate of 7% of the principal amount (deposit) in the next 17 Hours. Interest will be automatically credited to your account balance every particular investment. After this period, interest will cease to accrue until the moment you decide to invest further.

If you start with a deposit of $5100, you will earn interest of $357 every 17 hours, and after this period your balance will total ~ $5457. You can withdraw funds from your balance or reinvest (merge) them at any time to increase your profit.

  • Plan Terms:
  • 7% for 17 hours
  • 17 hours, Principal Expired
  • Total Profits:
  • ~7% Gross Return
  • Min - Max Per Withdrawal:
  • $25 - No Limit
  • Min - Max Deposit Per Slot:
  • $25 - $5100
after 36 hours COMPOUNDABLE

This short-term plan was created for review. It will return 40% of net profit on your principal amount (deposit) after 36 hours. You will receive exactly 140% of the profit (even on non-working days). The longer term of this plan gives less room for movement of funds and lower profitability compared to our short-term “T7 hours”. but it may be preferable for participants who are looking for a long break-even period of 36 hours.

If you start with a deposit of $10,000 in this plan, you will be credited with a total income of $4,000 after exactly 36 Hours. Your net profit of $4,000 and your principal amount of $10,000 will be automatically added to your account. You can withdraw or reinvest to increase your profit at any time.

  • Plan Terms:
  • 140% after 36 Hours
  • for 36 hours, Principal Expired
  • Total Profits:
  • ~40% Gross Return
  • Min - Max Per Withdrawal:
  • $25 - No Limit
  • Min - Max Deposit Per Slot:
  • $5000 - unlimited


Online members buy Digital Funds through their e-wallet increase its value over time. The www.folio-investment.com platform sells these "digital funds" and transfers 100% of its private funds to the enterprise for investment in the titanium industry.

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Online members (YOU)

Member's e-Money goes in & out of the www.folio-investment.com 'Digital Funds' Platform.

The enterprise

www.folio-investment.com 7 platform
Withdraw Realized Profits
  • Reselling titanium 37%
  • Logistic offering 33%
  • 3rd party meditation 15%
  • Startups & ipo funding 15%
Group collective profits
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www.folio-investment.com's members can profit from the highly profitable program that we offer on our platform with an instant payout of 5% on all their referrals' deposits. What are you waiting for now? Hurry up and seize the opportunity to earn money online by working from home, by simple steps like inviting your contacts or send us web traffic. We accept members from anywhere in the world so get your chance of earning a long-term side income of $1.25-12,500 per deposit. Joining is free!